Best prices

  • ORH to Orlando $142 May 24-28-29-30
  • ORH to Fort Lauderdale $99 May 21-23-24-25
  • Orlando to ORH $161 May 25-27
  • Fort Lauderdale to ORH $148 May 25-27-28-29
Specials Updated on: May 16th

My trip to Richmond out of Boston, OR...

tsa lines
I have never been more convinced that Worcester Airport is destined to be a major airport within the next ten years.  Last Thurdsday I had a 6:30 flight on JetBlue out of Boston to Richmond.   My plan to leave Worcester at 3:00PM to get their without having to rush sounded like a pretty safe idea. At 4:00PM, however, I ran into standstill tra [...]

JetBlue loses Virgin buy out, what ne...

If JetBlue had won the Virgin bidding war with Alaska Air, I think this would have been very good for Boston/Worcester.  Not to mention of perfect match of cultures.  Sadly it did not work out, but the cost was simply too much: .@JetBlue Exec @Martysg: @VirginAmerica Was a Nice-To Have But Not Worth $2.6 Billion #airl [...]

Response to Boston Globe’s edit...

worcester airport
For many many years, I said time and time again when the City of Worcester owned the airport to privatize the airport like Stewart International in Newburgh, NY, did when they signed a 99 year lease with National Express in 2000.  Not only have I said to privatize ORH but: privatize the golf course privatize the DCU privatize Union Station p [...]

Boston Globe story on Worcester Airpo...

orh 3
Recently the Boston Globe wrote a column titled, “Looking for Quiet, Worcester Airport may be the place”.  As you can tell from the column it was not exactly a flattering piece about the airport as evidenced by these lines: The cavernous airport terminal on the top of Tatnuck Hill is airy, modern, and eerily quiet. No one was sta [...]

Fly out of ORH this week-end to Flori...

jet blue out of the blue
Do you have any friends in the Fort Lauderdale/Orlando area consider a trip this week-end.  Before all the school vacations kick in, prices are low right now out of Worcester.   Consider these two options: Flight out of Worcester to Fort Lauderdale Saturday returning Wednesday=$310 Flight out of Worcester to Orlando Saturday returning Wednes [...]

JetBlue American Express card changin...

jetblue barclay
Did you get the JetBlue American Express card to rack up points like me?? Just checked my JetBlue TrueBlue account and I am up to 51,777 points!! Here are some things you need to know:   The last day you can use your JetBlue American Express card is March 20, 2016. March 21, 2016, you need to start using your new Barclay’s Jet [...]

256,000 passengers since JetBlue star...

Just heard that we cracked the 256,000 passenger number with JetBlue.  If you take into account that we started November 13, 2013, last Friday marked the 113th week. 2,266 per week 324 per day Based on 400 seats per day that equates to an 81% load Considering we had no service before November 13, 2013, we think that is pretty dam good.  Onc [...]

2016 wish list, CAT III up and runnin...

jet blue out of the blue
Recently we read in WorcesterMag the 16 Things Worcester should do in 2016.   One of which was to add airport service and the line “Let’s go, JetBlue, if you are committed to Worcester, let’s see at least one more destination added in 2016.’ We think we are dam lucky that JetBlue has brought daily service to Worcester [...]

Rectrix should consider a Boston shut...

rectrix worcester
Many people are aware of JetBlue flying direct daily to Orlando (MCO) and Fort Lauderdale (FLL), but many are not aware of that we have a new FBO (Fixed Base Operator) replacing Swissport:   A fixed–base operator (FBO) is a commercial business granted the right by an airport to operate on the airport and provide aeronautical servic [...]

Rectrix looking to start commercial s...

rectrix aviation
We have been hearing for some time that Rectrix, the FBO at Worcester, may be looking to starting commercial service. Here is a quote from an article today in the Cape Cod Times:   “We would also expand from Hyannis to New York, possibly White Plains,” Cawley said. “Worcester to Hyannis in the summer. New Jersey, Martha’s Vineyard to Hya [...]