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  • Worcester to Orlando $154 March 26 27 28 29
  • Worcester to FLL $98 March 27-28-29
  • Orlando to Worcester $98 March 27 28 29
  • FLL to Worcester $173 March 19 30 31
  • JFK coming in 2018
Specials Updated on: March 12th

ORH and Freight

The JFK announcement was huge, since it will allow us to connect direct to pretty much every destination JetBlue flies to connecting through JFK in NYC.   Click on JFK on the interactive route map to see the exact ones.  As I mentioned earlier in the week, I am a little confused by the timing of an announcement now for a route that will start [...]

Worcester Airport: Wait for it

For ten years on a prior blog, I urged the City of Worcester to privatize the airport through the  RFP (Request for Proposal) process.  Either outright sell the airport, like Newburgh New York did when they sold it to National Express, or long-term lease ORH, not different then Wachusett Mountain.     Although an RFP was never done, the City [...]

As Logan sets records, Worcester Airp...

As Logan sets records, Worcester Airport almost ready to soar
As printed in the Worcester Sun   Recently, there have been a couple very interesting stories coming out of Logan International, that “other” airport owned by Massport. Bill Randell Thomas Glynn, CEO of Massport, announced last Wednesday that Logan had reached 36 million passengers passing through the gates in 2016. This is not only a [...]

Arnold Palmer Landing his plane at Wo...

PHOTO: Arnold Palmer landed his plane at the then-Worcester Airport in 1968. More on Palmer: — The Boston Globe (@BostonGlobe) September 26, 2016

Dow shuttle from Worcester to Midland

  Lastest rumors that we are hearing. Dow Chemical corporate office is in Midland, Michigan and they have a large facility in Marlborough.   Evidently there is a need to for people to go back and forth between the sites, so they are planning to run a shuttle maybe up to two times per week between Midland and Worcester Regional Airport (O [...]

UPS looking at ORH

Hearing alot of rumors lately.   All can be contributed directly to CAT III coming on-line next year!!!   Imagine all the time that has been wasted on access roads, name changes and we would even say a new terminal when the game changer was and always has been the fog, which now becomes non factor with CAT III.    If you have never watched th [...]

Predictions for ORH commercial servic...

Peak season for ORH (Worcester Regional Airport) is the winter time starting in December.  If JetBlue, or anyone else, wanted to start a new route out of ORH, they would not want to miss peak season.    Considering it takes at least 60 days to get a new flight up and running with tickets, etc, we would need an announcement by October 1st.   A [...]

FlyORH: Is Rectrix moving their flee...

We have heard rumors that the GE move of their headquarters to Boston has required them to move their corporate jet fleet to Hanscom, not leaving room for Rectrix fleet. As a result Rectrix will be moving their fleet to ORH. At the current time, we have been trying to get a comment from Rectrix without success. Rectrix Lets hope that this is [...]

Worcester should start thinking inter...

In my last column, we wrote about how the City of Worcester should hire Louis Tiant and work with Congressman McGovern and Massport, after JetBlue had failed to get daily flights out of Boston to Havana.   Since that time we have learned that JetBlue has not given up and  has asked the US Department of Transportation to reconsider its decisio [...]

My trip to Richmond out of Boston, OR...

I have never been more convinced that Worcester Airport is destined to be a major airport within the next ten years.  Last Thurdsday I had a 6:30 flight on JetBlue out of Boston to Richmond.   My plan to leave Worcester at 3:00PM to get their without having to rush sounded like a pretty safe idea. At 4:00PM, however, I ran into standstill tra [...]