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JetBlue not happy with the E-190 and ...

JetBlue not happy with the E-190 and JetBlue to Europe??
Currently JetBlue Fleet contains three different types of plans in their fleet: 162 seat Airbus 320 150 seat Airbus 320 100 seat Embraer 190 Out of Worcester we have the 100 seat Embraer 190, although once in a while we do get the Airbus.    Bottom line is that JetBlue has not been happy with the performance and return from the Embraer, cli [...]

As Logan sets records, Worcester Airp...

As Logan sets records, Worcester Airport almost ready to soar
As printed in the Worcester Sun   Recently, there have been a couple very interesting stories coming out of Logan International, that “other” airport owned by Massport. Bill Randell Thomas Glynn, CEO of Massport, announced last Wednesday that Logan had reached 36 million passengers passing through the gates in 2016. This is not only a [...]

Predictions for ORH commercial servic...

Peak season for ORH (Worcester Regional Airport) is the winter time starting in December.  If JetBlue, or anyone else, wanted to start a new route out of ORH, they would not want to miss peak season.    Considering it takes at least 60 days to get a new flight up and running with tickets, etc, we would need an announcement by October 1st.   A [...]

JetBlue American Express card changin...

Did you get the JetBlue American Express card to rack up points like me?? Just checked my JetBlue TrueBlue account and I am up to 51,777 points!! Here are some things you need to know:   The last day you can use your JetBlue American Express card is March 20, 2016. March 21, 2016, you need to start using your new Barclay’s Jet [...]

2016 wish list, CAT III up and runnin...

Recently we read in WorcesterMag the 16 Things Worcester should do in 2016.   One of which was to add airport service and the line “Let’s go, JetBlue, if you are committed to Worcester, let’s see at least one more destination added in 2016.’ We think we are dam lucky that JetBlue has brought daily service to Worcester [...]

Tweets from JetBlue employee landing ...

Tweets from JetBlue employee landing at ORH
      Approaching @FlyOrh. Tried my best accent to call “Wostah Tower” — Gregory Witpen (@Gwittty) April 12, 2015 @FlyOrh @martysg they let me land so my accent must have been ok — Gregory Witpen (@Gwittty) April 12, 2015

JetBlue New Service Out Of Washington...

JetBlue New Service Out Of Washington DC, What About Worcester?
This week JetBlue started service out of Washington’s Reagan National with service to Chareston, SC, Hartford, CT and Nassau in the Bahamas. These slots opened up when American and US Air merged, click here for that story. The same day service started, JetBlue announced two new routes from Washington’s Reagan National Airport (DCA [...]

Diversions to Boston

Diversions to Boston
Between my wife, daughter, brother-in-law and mother-in-law, we have approximately 10 rounds trips or 20 flights inbound and outbound with JetBlue since inception.  All outbound fights have left out of Worcester but two inbound flights were diverted to Boston.   The first time my brother-in-law, with about 20 other people, were transported ba [...]

New Airline??

New Airline??
The rumor mill is cranking this morning.  New airline in Florida may be coming together targeting flights from smaller secondary airports in the NorthEast to Gulf Coast. Stay tuned!!

Montego Bay for $550

Montego Bay for $550
JetBlue out of Worcester is alot more then Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Orlando (MCO).  From these two destinations, you can connect to many others; for example,   June 17th 7:10 AM  to 10:19AM   Worcester to Fort Lauderdale 12:17 Pm to 1:06 PM   Fort Lauderdale to Montego Bay   June 25th 2:13 PM to 4:58 PM   Montego Bay to Fort Laude [...]