bold Remember when Rectrix announced service to Hyannis from Worcester. They started marketing it aggressively maybe two weeks before the first flight for $170. Still amazes me that Rectrix came out of the gate with a $170 price to Hyannis???

After not many tickets were sold, the price was dropped to $99. As the summer comes to an end and this flight stops, we think it is fair to say it was not a success.

Now look at JetBlue and their announcement to start flying from Boston to Syracuse. They start 4 months in advance with a great price of $59. In retrospect Rectrix needed to follow the plan laid out by JetBlue starting much earlier with a much lower price to generate interest.

This also makes us think we are not looking at a January start for the NYC shuttle with JetBlue out of Worcester. If they were, we would be similar announcements like the ones for Syracuse.

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