Recent problems in Puerto Rico forces JetBlue to cut back service to San Juan

Great story in Skift , here is a short part:

JetBlue has been good to Puerto Rico, but the airline has no choice. The island has been devastated by Hurricane Maria, and tourists won’t be able to return soon. JetBlue needs to move some flights to other popular tourist destinations.
— Brian Sumers

For the past 3 years, we had felt that after the initial daily flights to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, that the next flights out of Worcester would be 1) Puerto Rico, 2) NYC shuttle and 3) Gulf Coast destination. We were right about the NYC shuttle!!! As soon as CAT III is operational, the NYC Shuttle will start.

We no longer, however, see an ORH-Puerto Rico flight in the immediate future. That does not mean that there will no be more flights, but it will not be Puerto Rico. Fort Myers looking to be our top next prediction to be a destination out of ORH with JetBlue. If not Fort Myers, then another Gulf Coast destination.

2018 is going to be a huge year for ORH.

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