Secondary city like Worcester lands legacy carrier with shuttle flight to their hub

The battle amongst the Legacy Carriers is market share. BTW, who are the Legacy Carriers? Right now there are three (Delta-United-American). There are many ways to compete; for example, destinations and fares.

Another way to get market share is to fly people from an under-served secondary market, like Elmira, to an airport that you serve whereby by the passenger from the secondary market can connect to any flight the Legacy Carrier serves. This is exactly what JetBlue is doing with their New York flight from Worcester to their hub at JFK, and wharf United is going to do for Elmira.

Makes one wonder if United has decided to start this flight from Elmira, they must be looking at Worcester?? The plane United proposes to use, Embraer RJ-145, seats 50 and should have good loads from secondary cities like Elmira and Worcester, if priced appropriately.

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