The JetBlue NYC shuttle has opened up the over 100 destinations that JetBlue serve to Worcester.

Over the past week, we have become frustrated with the comments regarding the new service from JetBlue to NYC. The announcement was not just that we can fly to NYC, but now we have the entire route map that JetBlue serves available to us out of Worcester!!

Although it is great to have service to NYC, the main benefit to us is that this is JetBlue home base/hub, where you can connect with a direct flight to the over 100 destinations that they serve. Think about that we can fly to every single JetBlue destination from Worcester!!

For example, if you wanted to fly to one of JetBlue other destinations in Florida other then Orlando and Fort Lauderdale on May 8th, 2017 and return May 15th, 2017. Go to JetBlue website and click "MultiCity" catching the early flight out of Worcester to JFK on the 7th and returning on the late flight on the 15th from JFK:

1) West Palm $344. 13 round trip
2) Tampa $290.11 round trip
3) Sarasota $352.11 round trip
4) Fort Myers $361.11 round trip
5) Jacksonville $308.11 round trip

Admittedly some of the lay-overs are long but if we support this route, hopefully we can get two round trips to JFK every day.

Again, NYC destination opens up the entire JetBlue route map to us.

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