To date our top recommendations in this order are ...

To date our top recommendations in this order are:

Start a marketing plan for ORH: We love Worcester native Denis Leary as our spokesman “Why we don’t suck”
Changes the times of Florida flights to early departure and late arrival.
Add mid-day NYC flight into and out of ORH
The main market that we can not get to from here even with the NYC shuttle is Myrtle Beach. Allegiant Airlines flies to Myrtle Beach, as well as St Pete’s on the Gulf Coast. Having them here would round off the option out of ORH in the short-term.

Think that is crazy?? Look at all the secondary/smaller cities Allegiant services into Myrtle!!

Allentown (Lehigh Valley), PA
Belleville, IL / St. Louis, MO
Cincinnati, OH
Clarksburg / Morgantown, WV
Cleveland, OH
Columbus (Rickenbacker), OH
Dayton, OH
Fort Wayne, IN
Harrisburg, PA
Huntington (Tri-State), WV
Indianapolis, IN
Lexington, KY
Newburgh (Stewart), NY
Pittsburgh, PA
Portsmouth, NH
Syracuse, NY

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