Great announcement to Philadelphia but schedule guarantees failure

On March 25th we posted this column predicted:

1) American Airlines will be coming to Worcester--RIGHT
2) Piedmont Airlines, American Airlines Regional, will be the carrier--RIGHT
3) Philadelphia will be destination-RIGHT
4) Two turns per day-WRONG

You may say 3 out of 4 is pretty good, but this one we missed is big. In the end there is only one, would would have been good assuming it was like JetBlue with an early morning departure and a light night return. It is not!!!

8:00AM departs Philadelphia
9:05AM arrives Worcester

9:30AM departs Worcester
10:39 AM arrives Philadelphia

As much as we support Worcester and want services, we can not afford anymore failures. This is a great airline, but we see no possible scenario how these times will end with anything but failure.

1) Who will be on the 8:AM Philly to Worcester flight?
2) How do you get home if you book a trip through Philly, stay overnight on the way back in Philly?

We have two options now.

1) Do nothing about the schedule, keeping patting each other on the back and fail.
2) Work with American (sorry typo earlier) now and try to get them to change the times to an early morning out of Worcester with late night return.

We opt for the later, thus we are posting this column. Some will call us negative?? The total opposite!!! We are being realistic....

We want American to have full flights, make money and add more flights. Saying nothing today, American will lose money, end services and we go backwards.

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