We need to negotiate a better schedule

Before we start let us stress again that the City of Worcester does not belong in the airport business and we are lucky to have Massport as the owner, investing close to 50 million including a CAT III landing system and bringing to JetBlue to ORH. At the same time, we need to speak up when we do not like a deal.

Piedmont is starting a regional base at Logan. We can only imagine during negotiations that a flight to Worcester was used as a bargaining chip, which is good for us. Negotiation ends with Piedmont needed to produce the one flight to Worcester.

Piedmont comes up with a flight out of their base in Philly in the morning coming back satisfying the deal. The good news is that Massport can leverage their strength to help us get airline service, the bad news is the schedule that we got.

Now the ball is in our hands and we have two options.

1) We do nothing and let the current schedule be implemented and watch it fail.
2) Negotiate with Piedmont now and sell the benefits of a ROM (Remain Over Night) schedule and we have the chance to make this a profitable route for them and us.

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