Nobody understands this schedule

I found your site after researching the AA PHL announcement. I fly BOS to PHL at least weekly and some weeks twice per week. I also use AA or JB from Logan to LaGuardia but doubt I would use the JFK route given the proximity to midtown.

I would use the outbound PHL morning flight but doubt that I would ever use the return given the AM schedule vs PM return to ORH. I doubt that I would leave from ORH and return to BOS as I drive myself to the airport.

Is there someone to voice this to that you would recommend? This seems like AA is placating Massport and I would be surprised to see the AM PHL to ORH succeed.

Second one

Thanks for the BLOG. You are correct about the terrible schedule for the new flight. It’s so bad I thought all day it was a typo. As you said the appropriate schedule would be early morning ORH to PHL and late evening PHL to ORH

Not one e-mail in favor of this schedule

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