as we discussed, locations that start with n, w, k are drop, w and k is used for radio/tv, n is used by the navy this explaines w, n, k. the first and second, second and third, third and first letters of any 3 letter code can not be duplicated within 200 nautical miles. section 1-2-5

orc is the code for orange municipal airport in iowa,
ore is the code for orange municipal airport here in massachusetts

so looking on worcester, w is dropped, or is used, orc is taken, ore is taken, ors code for orcas island airport in washington, ort is northway airport in alaska,

since orh is on top of tatnuck hill and geography is sometimes considered, i imagine the H is for hill that the airport is on top of, since the other possible codes in worcester are taken. try to tweet that!! @flyorh #flyorh

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