I can not tell you how many people have sent me e-mails saying they have booked trips. Hope this means JetBlue is off to good start?

Friend just booked three tickets to Orlando (12/3) and back to ORH (12/11). He did not get the special low price, but paid 765.80 for fares, taxes and fees so approximately $255 per person. In Boston dollars that would equal 300 between the drive, parking fees and tolls, not to mention the stress.

All I am saying is that when the dust settles the tickets may be slightly higher at Worcester Regional Airport (ORH) then Boston since we have the 100 seat Embraer 190 (25 rows times 4)versus the Airbus A320 150 seater (25 rows times 6). The plane yesterday was the Airbus. The more tickets we buy, the better our chances to get the 150 seat plane and our fares down to Boston’s.

All I am saying is that when someone tells you that tickets are 25-30 cheaper from Boston then Worcester, tell them 1) you save at least that much flying out of Worcester and 2) if we support FlyORH –we can get the bigger plane!

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