My friend, Angel, and I went on line last night and looked at December 16th.

Boston to San Juan:

8:50 Am take off Boston
1:47 PM land San Juan
Flight 61
3 hours and 57 minutes flying time
Worcester to San Juan

7:30AM Worcester flight 1887
10:44 land Orlando
11:35 AM Orland flight 1133
3:18 land San Juan
5 hours and 57 minutes flying time
Angel figures either he has to spend 3 hours driving back and forth to drop his brother off in Boston then having to pick him up or his brother spends that time flying, while saving some money. Not to mention he has to do it again when he picks him up!

Even if the fares were the same, he is booking Worcester to avoid the 5-6 hours driving back and forth, the traffic and the out-of-pocket monies (gas and tolls).

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