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2 thoughts on “Must Read: The Worcester Experience

  1. Goes back to what I said before, the JetBlue flight to JFK is a big loss for the airport. ORH is missing out on a great number of destinations. JFK terminal 5 was so easy to navigate, as soon as you landed at your gate, the connecting gates were right next to you; a really great terminal and easy connections at JFK.
    At this time, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, are not offering many connections to any Caribbean destinations or anywhere else out of ORH for that matter, unlike what we heard before that we could connect out of ORH thru MCO and FLL to several destinations. Hopefully things change soon and Delta and American can offer some connection options that make sense.

  2. One thing that’s huge for ORH and the Fort Myers flight that I didn’t realize until just looking at it is Bradley, Boston, and Worcester (as of right now) will be the only 3 airports having a non stop flight to Fort Myers. That means unless you wanna connect somewhere, Worcester Airport will be the closest non stop flight for anyone that wants to avoid Logan that’s in New Hampshire or Vermont.

    It still annoys me that Massport and JetBlue said they’ll have daily flights in March and you still can’t book any unless it’s a Sunday or Thursday. Especially considering that when I fly out of ORH to go to Florida or fly back home I’ve never had to spend more than $200 round trip. When I flew back home last year, I spent $79 which included a carry on bag and I spent $65 flying down back in 2022 (both on JetBlue). Where are you going to beat that value? Even spirit or frontier won’t beat that.

    That should be something everyone jumps on if they wanna fly out of ORH. Where are you going to find $7 a day or $42 a week parking at the closest lot to the airport, along with low security lines (where some regular travelers who use ORH for work have mentioned TSA has joked around with them when getting there 2 hours before the flight knowing they got there too early), or even if you wanted too, where you can take the bus for free from downtown to the airport? You’re not finding that anywhere else.

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