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5 thoughts on “Orlando Diverted

  1. That’s why JB needed the merger. There planes are old 16 and up (a320). Spirit has a younger fleet. But the government knows best. JB will never to stay alive and replace planes. The last CEO sucked! A rebuild will be painful. Carl has two board members running things in NY not good.

  2. It’s regrettable that yesterday’s diversion had to rise to the level of making the blog’s headline, and more regrettable that no reason was provided, which can easily result in rumors, false assumptions (like the comment about it being an old airplane), and raising the possibility of people questioning the reliability of KORH. So, instead of ass-u-ming what happened, I did some simple research and made a couple inquiries. It wasn’t low visibility, a mechanical, or even the age of the aircraft, it was a very rare combination of factors. The flight was about to enter the pattern to land on runway 11 (that’s 110 on the compass). This was during the height of the nor’easter. Why are the called nor’easters? Good question. Because the winds are blowing from that direction (045 on the compass). That’s a 65 degree crosswind. The wind report they got as the were entering the pattern (based on METAR records) was around 18 gusting over 30. Add runway contamination (water), that’s a recipe that would put almost any aircraft out of limitations to land. So, they went to JFK and sat for about an hour or so while conditions improved. Which worked for all the other flights arriving later. By the way, those winds played havoc on KBOS too, but they took the cancellation route —- over 65 of them, while all the KORH passengers got home or to their destinations.

    So, instead of a “Orlando Diverted” Headline, how about “At the height of a strong Nor’easter, KORH operated all their flights (while KBOS cancelled over 60).” And how about a shout out to the Massport ground crew? My buddy told me all arriving pilots reported “braking action GOOD”! Those guys are 1st class when it comes to pushing snow. I just wish they had a hair dryer big enough to dry the asphalt. And kudos to the airlines not pulling the cancellation trigger on what was probably a very heavy passenger day on the eve of school spring vacation!

  3. You could close Worcester airport and it wouldn’t matter to JB and all the other airlines. Worcester airport is 20 min from Logan in a plane. 10 years 4 flights a day come on. It’s only open because they spent 32 mil on a cat three system. After 10 years, Worcester airport should have 12-20 flights a day. Read the stock report, listen to Bloomberg, cnbc , fox business JB needs new planes. Just my opinion. Did you know that when a JB plane has a mechanical problem they need a mechanic to drive in from Logan. Do you know how many times that happened? Many! Just my opinion.

  4. Meanwhile, New Haven just got 3 more destinations on top of the other 3 that were announced a month or two ago AND additional flights are being added to Southern leisure destinations. I think they are up to 24 destinations now. It seems that every airport in New England with the exception of ORH is adding service. But at least we have 3 legacy carriers that have no intention of adding or improving service at ORH. I’d rather ORH have one airline with multiple destinations than the slim pickings we have right now. At this point Massport has completely screwed this up. Why even bother spending any more money at ORH??? It’s a sinking ship.

  5. I agree!! With the comments above. The airport could have been a breeze hub for example. There has to be a bigger reason Worcester is not growing. We just don’t know. I love flying out Worcester to FLL and I try my hardest to support the airport, but flight times don’t always line up. If a flight gets canceled your screwed.

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