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4 thoughts on “Updated Avelo Route Map

  1. Should but the infrastructure isn’t there for it. We’re 15-20+ minutes away from a highway with no direct access to one. The nearest hotel is 15-20 minutes away and not anywhere near the airport (I’m not counting the shuttle that the AC hotel has), Atlantic aviation is the only source of getting crews for and they don’t provide a mechanic for any airlines when there’s an issue, during peak times of the year, parking is a struggle for the flights we have. American and Delta show no sign of expansion because their load factors are garbage. American has changed their location 3 times!! Charolette, Philadelphia, and JFK. Delta had Detroit but those loads sucked and now they got LaGuardia which is a little better but not the best. JetBlue at least saw how good the FLL flight was so they brought back MCO and added RSW and look how those turned out.

    I love flying out of Worcester but there is so many problems it has that can’t be fixed. No company is going to spend $10,000,000+ to build a hotel on airport property. The flight offerings are so limited and times suck that barely anyone can fly American or delta. I’m flying American to Nashville next week and the only reason there wasn’t an overnight layover was because the exact plane that’s going from Worcester to JFK is doing my connection flight from JFK to Nashville. I’m flying back home with Delta but I have a 3 hour layover at LaGuardia. People in Massachusetts want non stop flights to vacation destinations and if the flight loads don’t show that then I don’t know what will. You want American to be successful? Have them fly to Miami. You want to keep Delta? I would say Orlando but JetBlue has that, but Tampa would be a great alternative or Jacksonville. Yes I want connecting flights because I fly a couple of times a year and don’t want to go to Logan but Worcester needs leisure flights to succeed. Remember, Massport is and has been losing money ever since they took it over

    1. Carl Icahn could be Worcester airports problem. If I controlled JB I would beef up Worcester to full capacity, especially with non-stop flights. JB can do it! I was negative Breeze, but… I think they are a real player with a profit on the horizon soon. They could run 5- 10 flights a day out of Worcester.

  2. I’m really baffled because Massport has done so well with Logan Airport and so lousy with Worcester. I don’t think the facilities or the lack of an access road are the problems here. I drive by the airport at least once a week and the only times the lots are full is during school vacation weeks and maybe a long holiday weekend here and there. The other 48 weeks of the year there is plenty of parking. Somehow New Haven is making it work with pretty much no facilities. Massport should just cut their losses and sell off the property.

    JetBlue ain’t expanding service here so don’t hold your breath waiting on that. They’re losing money left and right and now that Icahn has a large stake in the company they’ll be looking to cut spending and consolidate operations and I could totally envision a scenario where they pull out of Worcester entirely. As far as Delta and American go, I don’t even know why they are still here with their lousy flights other than to suck up to Massport for what they want to do at Logan. I just had to book a last minute trip next week and I’m flying out of Boston. Didn’t even bother looking at flying out of Worcester. In fact, I’ve pretty much given up on Worcester Airport and fly out of TF Green the majority of the time. If Worcester got better hub service from Delta and/or American I’d probably give the airport another shot, but I don’t see that happening so I’ll continue giving my business to other more convenient airports.

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