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8 thoughts on “Breeze Airways Landing in Worcester Today?

  1. I was wondering if today’s flight was a diversion; it was not. Could it be a charter flight? Possibly a prospective service visit? If so, why twice?

  2. I’m not familiar with how airlines pick new airports, do they fly test runs before they agree to set up shop. I want to stay breeze did that in Vero beach, made a few test runs and set up shop. Breeze could fly 10 locations a day out of Worcester and do well. Boston is a night mare. I just drove through Dorchester what a mess.

  3. They did not pull into a gate, they parked over at Atlantic Aviation. A test run makes sense; possibly delivering equipment? Hopefully we get an announcement out of this.

  4. The reason Breeze was at ORH today was most likely because of Georgetown University. Georgetown University is in Washington DC and they’re playing Holy Cross tomorrow. That’s why the aircraft came from and is landing in Washington Dulles, an airport Breeze does not service. I had to do some research first on it and that’s what I’m 99% sure it is.

    Many colleges use Breeze to charter planes for the teams to go to and from games. Iaero airways used to be the big company but they’ve been extremely bad recently although the Boston Bruins and other major sports teams use them. It wasn’t a surprise to many when they filed for bankruptcy a couple of months ago. Iaero flew in 2 teams here a couple of years ago when the NCAA Frozen Frenzy regional was played at the DCU center to qualify for a final 4 spot. Avelo has been being used by sports teams as well to charter teams. I don’t get why the aircraft wouldn’t just stay in Worcester and use the same pilots and crew but still I’m confident that’s the reason why.

    Another useful thing to know, if there’s ever an un ordinary plane that goes to a certain airport (the big airports it’s hard to tell but smaller ones you’ll notice) it’s most likely a charter aircraft. For example, any Boeing 767, 777, or 747 that lands at PVD is most likely the patriots opponent (Dolphins and Ravens use Atlas Air 747, other teams use American and United 777s). For you sports guys who are curious as well, the Red Sox and Celtics currently use Boeing 757s. Red Sox usually fly into Logan and out of it. Celtics usually fly in and out of Bedford and if it’s their last away game, they usually fly from wherever when the game is over. The Bruins use Iaero airways Boeing 737 in and out of Bedford usually. The patriots were using American 777s in the pre season because Eastern Airways (the company that operates the patriots planes) is being sued by the pats for breach of contract but the patriots might be using its own planes again. For the Germany game, Patriots used Virgin Atlantic to fly over there and back, so did the colts.

  5. It’s just a Sports Charter for Georgetown University. Nothing out of the ordinary, happens every now and then. Has ZERO to do with any possible service of Breeze to ORH. Let’s put down that rumor before it has a chance to fester.

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