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One thought on “Dave’s Blog: Nostalgia Corner: MetroJet

  1. Dave is much like me. I have not arrived in ORH in maybe 30 years. It is easy to navigate inside and luggage pickup is also simple. I flew Delta from home (CHS), with a connection into LGA. My wait was almost three hours (that’s not a typical layover) but ORH only has one flight per day. The aircraft was less than half full! I travel a couple of times a month for business, I have not witness that small amount of passengers in many years (excluding Covid). Aircraft I fly, load factors are between 95-100 percent. The plane is clean but does not have WIFI. That’s critical, even for a short flight (business).

    When I returned for my flight home, TSA lacked a separate Precheck. It also lacked room for more than 3 or 4 people to place their luggage in x-ray. The rest of us had to wait until the line reduced. This should have been planned better. There is a small quick shop but its very limited. The gate I left from had no intercom, the Delta staff was shouting out their instructions.

    I wanted to try ORH, my mother got a kick out of picking me up. Unless things improve soon, I’ll prefer my typical choice that offers numerous flights per day (two one way) to BOS. It just makes sense.

    Good luck.

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